“No admission” signs never did stop any one. Access control system can now ensure that movement of people with in your organizations is permitted only to authorized card holders. They system validates entry/exit by door, time and day of week. By integrating electro-magnetic locks, Electric Door strikes, control can be enhanced for any applications. All Movement is logged to enable generation of customer reports including time and attendance report.

Walk through Metal Detectors

Pro Alarm Securty Ltd Walkthrough Metal Detectors  are high-quality microprocessor-based walkthrough security detectors that provide superior metal discrimination and detection. They feature a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that automatically suppresses or eliminates electrical interference associated with x-ray devices, video monitors and communications equipment, helping to reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms and ultimately improving traffic throughput. The  Walkthrough Metal Detectors offers a diverse range of programs to meet your security needs. These walkthrough metal detectors are highly portable and can be operated by remote consoles or batte

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